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Dianna Shade Herron

I am an author / speaker / success coach / Business Expert

My Story

Dianna Shade Herron, is a no non-sense, brutally honest and free spirit. She was a mother at the tender age of 15, and faced many life changing challenges along the way including homelessness, incarceration, tumultuous relationships and the dangers that come along with mental health disorders. Dianna Shade-Herron has broken barriers, lived past her fears, conquered her demons, broke through the glass ceiling and is living the life she was destined to live. Today, she is teaching people around the world how to do the same. She is blazing the trail for other women that follow, and she is changing the “status-quo”!

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From Living In Group Homes To Owning One:

How did a mother of 6, ninth grade drop out, teen-aged mom, and 2X convicted felon break barriers, change the status-quo and become a serial CEO?This powerful, well thought out book, “From Living in Group Homes to Owning one”exposes the harsh realities that one teenager faced while growing up. 

It tells the empowering, jaw dropping, eye tearing and astounding story of a young girl who went from living in group homes and enduring child sexual abuse, to building an empire and creating the life she was destined to live.

Dianna reveals the blueprint on how she founded and built a million dollar business with no money, that only the 1% take advantage of. Dianna is teaching people nationwide how to be their own boss and create six-figure incomes. I went from a statistic, to a multi-business owner, and I want to let my readers know that wealth is obtainable, and no matter what place you started on this board game called life, the fate of your destiny is in your hands.

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Dianna Shade Herron.  Shade-Herron is the CEO and founder of Houze of Herron online boutique, Founder of Bridge of Life Group Home, and CEO of Real Estate Investment company “Herron & Associates”. 

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